Anybody up there listening?

*smoke break*

Okay, so I know this book cover to cover AND I know how to APPLY all of said knowledge. I truly can’t do anything else but do the practice questions, FORCE myself to sleep tonight and go do the exam at 9am tomorrow morning.

If anyone up there is listening; I need to pass this exam oh!! I need, NEED to pass it tomorrow or I don’t get to take the next one on September 4th and I will also then crawl into my bed forever and never come out again. Seriously. At this point I NEED some GOOD news. So if there is anyone up there listening, HELP ME PASS THIS EXAM TOMORROW MORNING!!!

And no, keeping it to myself what the exam is for until tomorrow. Lol. If I come online around 10am my post is filled with curse words then you’ll know what’s up.

I am NOT an optimistic person, I do NOT hope but I sincerely wish that I pass it tomorrow morning.

Anyone on here that is a praying person, please, PRAY for me. Lol. I don’t care which God you worship, just pray for me. Okay? Okay!

Ok. That is all.