Narrow minded fucktards

There is a group home for ex addicts with psychiatric issues near my house. I was walking past it when a man walked up to me and he was talking to himself about all kinds of conspiracies. It was painfully obvious that he was a paranoid schizophrenic. I listened to him ramble on for a second when this woman walked by and said: “All a bunch of crazies. I don’t want them in our neighbourhood, they should throw them all in jail!!”. 

I had to do my very best not to blow up at her and instead I calmly said: “I’ve got BPD along with a whole other bunch of mental health issues and I live in this neighbourhood as well, I suppose that you want me thrown in jail as well?!”.

She turned red in the face and quickly walked away.

Narrow minded people like her really piss me the fuck off!! No, you do not “just throw the crazies in jail”!! How is that helping?! You give them the proper help that they need, you don’t just throw them aside as if they’re trash!!

Oh, my blood is still boiling!!!