Let’s stay in the dark

I know that I joke around a lot but all jokes aside for one second. Let me have a moment of your time.

I don’t like the way that things are. I do not like the way that people act. I am fully aware of the fact that I am merely 1 person and that I can’t change much (or anything?) so no need to point that out. But I’m having a wee bit of a soapbox moment so hear me out.

The world is a horrible place and it is all getting worse by the day. People ask me why I stay in my “no news” bubble and it’s because I don’t want to know what is going on out there. But unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, I still pick up bits of news from all around me. I can read a newspaper headline and I am instantly bummed out. I’m so freaking sensitive to my surroundings (yaay for BPD) that it really gets me upset and in a frenzy, so I do my best to avoid it all.

This world is going down the crapper, extremely fast too. The earth is being destroyed. People are dropping dead left and right. Human beings killing their fellow man. I could go on and on, that’s how long the list is.

Today I watched my aunt break into tears because she is so worried about her son in Liberia and the fact that Ebola is spreading like wildfire. While she bugs the living daylight out of me, it did something to me, to see her crying like that. Look at everything that is going on in the world, it honestly makes me wonder sometimes if the world truly may be coming to an end.

It frustrates me so much that I can’t just snap my fingers and make everything go away. Who am I but just one person in a world with billions?

I just want to hide in a cave and never come out. I just don’t want to deal with people, they aggravate me a lot. I don’t want to deal with the world. I don’t want to see all the pain and sorrow. I have enough of my own.

If anyone is selling a cave, holla at a sista.

6 thoughts on “Let’s stay in the dark

  1. You said it yourself: no matter how hard you try, you can’t live in this world without finding out bits of bad news. But by trying to avoid it, all you get is the really bad news that you *can’t* avoid because it’s too big. You don’t get all the good stuff, because you actually have to go looking for it.

    I generally avoid the news, too. If something important is happening, something that affects me or that I can make a difference with, I usually get it through Avaaz or social media. But that stuff is still depressing. So I go on Upworthy and TED and top up on good news, inventions, innovations, solutions and new movements, led by people who can make me feel just a little prouder (or less shitty) to be part of the human race.

    • If I find out about something big and newsworthy it’s always through my FB feed because my friends post/repost it.

      I reaaaaally like being in my little bubble.

      I read a newspaper this week cuz it was in the seat in front of me in the train and all I saw was bad news and it honestly just made me so mad that I put the paper away

      • Yeah, NEVER read the newspaper or watch it on TV, it’s all horrible. It has to be a site or medium specialised in sharing good things, otherwise it gets very depressing very fast. It’s the kind of thing that can ruin my whole day, especially if I can’t pretend to help (not that online petitions don’t help, but I suspect they mainly help in making me feel better).

      • But if you look for good news then you can look a bit superior because you’re being the positive person and also you saw it before everybody else. 😀

        (I realise this sounds childish. That’s because it is. I don’t think I’ll ever truly be an adult.)

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