On the next episode of SBD….

It’s almost 3am and I’m wide awake, no shock there.

Last night I spent all evening digging through my storage space downstairs and I threw out a lot of stuff but I also came across a lot of old stuff. Some of which were my case files from the courts when I was 17 and I went through it all, especially because these were copies they had given my egg donor (for those just tuning in: that’s my “mother”) and I had honestly never laid eyes on them before. Suffice it to say: it triggered me and I got very upset. I was insanely angry and just raging.

As always, I immediately reached out to D. And he managed to calm me down a bit, after which I was finally able to stop bouncing around the house and feeling restless.

I have a lot to say about how I felt when reading all these court papers and I plan on dropping a post about it tomorrow. It might be a bit long so and filled with rants but I promise that it will be a good read, especially since I’m going to be VERY honest and very blunt.

So stay tuned and don’t change the channel!

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