Family love

My baby sisters are here for the weekend. They live at their dad’s house, since last summer. Every month our mother flies down to Amsterdam to see them for the weekend.

Today my sisters and I went shopping and we just baked a cake. We are about to go to the cinema to see Despicable 2 and then after that we’re having a BBQ with the neighbors. Unfortunately my mother will be present for all of this through out the entire day. But I’m quite good at ignoring her, even when we are in the same room, but I digress…

I love my sisters so much and I try to be there for them as much as I can. I don’t get to see them very often but they are always in my heart and mind.

The cake that I am baking is for my Grandmother, she said she wanted one, and what Granny wants, Granny gets! I love to make her happy! She’s the most important person in my life.

My sisters and their friend, helping me with the baking!


Taking my Grandma out for a little shopping trip and stroll!


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