The unattainable..

I will never have that one special moment. That special moment where I walk into a big field, covered with candles and rose petals everywhere. Tchakovsky being performed by a string quartet in the background.

And there in the middle of it all, he stands tall in a beautiful tuxedo, a single red rose in his hands. Completely flabbergasted I will walk toward him, only to see him slowly going down on one knee.

Once I’m right in front of him he takes my hand in his, looks me deep in the eyes and says: “My love, I love you with my entire heart, you make me a better person, you complete me. You would make me the happiest man on earth if you would be my wife. Will you marry me?”. Utterly surprised and with tears welling up in my eyes, I softly whisper “Yes…, of course I will marry you!”.

He slides the ring onto my finger, stands up, takes me in his arms, holds me close and kisses me passionately. All the while lifting me up and twirling me around. And for those few seconds it’s like we’re the only two people in the world.

At that very moment I hear soft clapping, getting louder and louder. As he puts me down I wipe my tears and look around, only to find the smiling faces of all my friends and family. And with that, the most perfect night becomes even more perfect…

And this is the day that I will never have, I’m destined to be alone forever…

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